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Vickers Energy Management Systems (EMS)

Designed specifically for the control of industrial heating.

Energy management systems

Background Information

Vickers energy management systems are compatible with all makes of industrial heating systems including Ambirad, Powrmatic, Combat and many others. It works with varying types of heaters including warm air, radiant, air handlers, boilers and thermoliers, and will be fully compatible with your existing industrial heaters and boilers.

We understand that most manufacturing, storage and retail sites require different temperatures in different zones. You may store chilled food in one area, be curing product in another, while within the offices staff will require a more comfortable environment. Our award winning system monitors and regulates temperature throughout a building without the need for manual intervention. It offers the ultimate in efficient energy management through a centralised control unit that regulates the heating across different temperature zones at the same time without the need for different systems, clock settings or equipment.
Our intuitive system uses predictive programming combined with the latest, high accuracy, digital temperature sensing equipment to monitor and regulate heating in all areas at all times. This ensures that every area of your operation is always at the right temperature. The inclusion of an external sensor provides further efficiencies by varying the internal target temperatures in response to prevailing weather conditions. Add on our unique central control unit that is both tamper proof and more efficient than conventional controls, and you will see a substantial reduction in gas and oil consumption, energy bills, and lower CO2 emissions.
Our system is compatible with your existing industrial heaters, boilers etc. so they will not be affected.  Rest assured that your existing gas engineer will be able to gain access to the control panel to run their tests and checks when servicing or repairing your heating.  We place a Vickers Diagnostic Outstation in each zone, local to each appliance under control and our system works with all space heating - warm air, radiant, thermolier heaters and alike.
It’s Win Win: you save both money and fuel resources, and win important PR points for being more environmentally friendly. To find out more follow the links on this page or contact us to arrange a free survey.

Efficient energy management


  • Guaranteed savings
  • Compatible with all heating systems
  • Controls warm air, radiant, AHU's, boiler and thermolier heaters
  • Hassle-free installation
  • 12 month warranty, parts and labour
  • Ongoing maintenance packages
  • ISO 9001 Accredited

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